His strength, inspire confidence and motivate

Blessed Frederic has all the qualities of a born communicator. He transmits his enthusiasm to the crowds, his confidence, his fascination for the life of Jesus. On the chapter of confidence and motivation, a hundred years later he still has what is needed to motivate the youth of today.

Father Frederic leads the pilgrims
Father Frederic leads the pilgrims
Father Frederic and the children
Father Frederic and the children.

Father Frederic’s lifeBut he isn’t just an inspiration and a motivator of youth. He is for the entire Church and for the people. His major work is to make us discover Jesus and the holy sites where he lived.

His pastime was to conduct pilgrims while praying and singing. What he started in the Holy Land with the international pilgrims over there, he continued in a remarkable way in Canada.

He greatly contributed to the development of the pilgrimages to Saint-Anne de Beaupre and the Oratory of Saint-Joseph-of-Mount-Royal. When the Oblates of Mary Immaculate took charge of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Cape in 1902 the statistics varied between 30,000 and 40,000 people per year.