His Marian devotion

Father Frederic’s life

Father Frederic, one of the witnesses to the “Miracle of the eyes” in 1888
Father Frederic, one of the witnesses to the “Miracle of the eyes” in 1888.

The key to Father Frederic’s life is his passage in the Holy Land, what he lived, and what he discovered: Jesus and His mother. His mother, under the auspices of welcoming the Word. His
mother, as if succeeded in life and fecundity; bring God himself into the world, giving Him a human face, bringing all the promises to fruition.

He is mystically united to Mary in her mystery of the annunciation, and the visitation. The Blessed is ceaselessly in the presence of the Word, just as Mary was. He is solidly branched, to the point of himself having the charisma of the word.

The Blessed knew a great Marian concentration, and what he lived after the “Miracle of the eyes” at Our Lady of the Cape in 1888, singularly rooted this mystical union with Mary. This event made him an out of the ordinary propagandist of the Word. A word that touches, a word that assimilates, a word that makes him one with her being. Mary is entirely given to the word, is entirely impregnated by it: she meditated all these things in her heart. She made the connection between the old and the new; between what she lived, and the action of the Word she saw in her life and around her.