His great secret, his interior life

Blessed Frederic’s interior life is remarkable: his life of faith, his prayer life. They are at the source of these thrusts which propel him to go toward the people, to announce the Gospel to them and to animate de pilgrimages.

Frederic Janssoone Frederic Janssoone

All the testimonies speak of his interior life like a precious pearl or the treasure of great price, dear to the Gospel. Father Matthieu-M. Daunais, ofm:

“At prayer as at work, he didn’t lose sight of God, conserving in a profound peace the purity of his soul by the purity of his intentions. Leading a very active life, he had a very pronounced taste for the interior life. It was the same characteristic of his holiness.”
(Father Frederic of Ghyvelde, ed. Charles Paillart, Abbeville, France, 1926, p. 8-10)